Welcome to Japanese Cafe and Arts & Cultural Space Chagoto Shinmei 茶琴神明

Sakura Shinmachi 佐倉新町, Sakura’s shopping district, flourished during the Edo 江戸 period (1603-1868) and it was said “Sakura Shinmachi Edo Masari 佐倉新町江戸まさり”, which means that Sakura Shinmachi was as great as the shopping district in Edo (Tokyo).

In 1915, my great-great grandparents and great grandfather moved to Sakura Shinmachi from Aizu-Wakamatsu 会津若松 and opened an ice store named “Kori Shinmei 氷神明”. In 1929, the house was moved to where it is now. (Japanese traditional houses are able to be moved and rebuilt.)

Since then, our family has maintained our traditional house for 100 years, over five generations. As 100 years has passed, the texture of the wood matured and when you walk in the entrance, you feel the warmth of the wood and smell tatami’s (bamboo mats) natural scent filling the entire house. You will immediately have the sense that this is a true Japanese experience.

I opened a cafe and arts & cultural space in this house as I wish people to feel the space of “Japan” and have relaxing tea time along with artistic Japanese sweets and healthy macrobiotic foods (based on George Ohsawa’s theory of food therapy), as well as to experience Japanese traditional culture.

We offer Japanese traditional music performances, Koto and Shamisen lessons in English. For more information, please contact us. 080-3358-6170/mail@chagoto-shinmei.jp




Access by train:

From Narita International Airport, take Keisei-line limited express to Keisei Sakura Station (about 18 min). Chagoto Shinmei is a 7 minute walk from the South Exit.

From Tokyo: take JR Sobu-Kaisoku line to Funabashi Station, transfer to the Keisei line bound for Narita (Airport) and get off at Keisei Sakura Station. Chagoto Shinmei is a 7 minute walk from the South Exit.

If you plan on visiting by car we have a parking lot available.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call for more detailed information. We speak English!
Phone & Fax: (043) 484-0198 or 080-3358-6170 / from outside Japan: +81-43-484-0198/+81-80-3358-6170
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